AlphaWave - Attack Surface Management and Inventory Management
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Control your attack surface

Continuous visibility and inventory management are more critical than ever. We can help.

Use AlphaWave to continuously visualize and manage your attack surface, before attackers do.

Internet discovery

Identify your Internet footprint - Automatically

Our agentless collectors continuously discover your digital assets so you can maintain an accurate and up to date view of your environment.

“89% of large enterprises have concerns based on lack of visibility and trusted data.”

Why Poor Visibility Hampers Cybersecurity Why Poor Visibility Hampers Cybersecurity
AlphaWave Platform discover

Exposure Reduction

AlphaWave Platform exposure

Eliminate attacker opportunity

Real-time insights into vulnerabilities, Shadow-IT, and misconfigurations so you can reduce opportunities to infiltrate your organizations.

“65% of reported Cloud incidents were due to misconfigurations”

Unit 42 Threat Forcast Unit 42 Threat Forcast

Empower people

Security is a team sport

Workflow assisted collaboration to enrich and optimize your data while reducing response time to exposures.

“The cybersecurity workforce gap will widen to 1.5 million job openings by 2020, up from 1 million last year.”

The Cybersecurity Talent Gap The Cybersecurity Talent Gap
AlphaWave Platform collaborate

Cyber hygiene

AlphaWave Platform inventory

Better inventory, better security

The fundamentals aren't glamorous, but a good cybersecurity program starts with knowing what to secure and builds from there.

“The lack of security is the biggest barrier to a successful digital transformation process.”

Bridging the Digital Transformation Divide Bridging the Digital Transformation Divide
AlphaWave Platform triangle